If you are looking for an alternative to the usual .NET mocking framworks (NMock, RhinoMocks, EasyMock.Net, Moq) you should take a look on Simple.Mocking:
  • Can mock/fake any interface or delegate
  • Refactor friendly syntax, no "magic string" (except for event add/remove)
  • No record/replay which just clutters down test code
  • Easy to learn, small API (Getting started with Simple.Mocking)

New version (1.1) released at May 4, 2012
  • Added "convenience" methods for stubs
  • Added class AssertInvocationsWasMade for extended support of "AAA"-style tests
  • Marked class AssertExpectations as obsolete in favor of AssertInvocationsWasMade
  • Minor bugfixes for delegate mocking, expectation scopes and property set wildcard matching

Now available through NuGet:

Other sources of information

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